Gray duck theather



Gray Duck Theater began in the winter of 2017 when Andy started to research how he could bring the film culture he missed in LA to his new home in the Midwest. After a lot of hard work by many good people, the idea of a micro-cinema in Rochester became a reality. Gray Duck Theater and Coffeehouse opened in May 2019.





We are a uniquely local cinema. We bring the world of film to Rochester and contextualize it for this community. With our panels, events, and local collaborations, we want to explore how these films impact us as people in this particular place. From the moment you enter the theater, we want to offer you an experience that reflects Southeastern Minnesota. Gray Duck Theater is for you.




Our lobby looks more like a coffee shop than a cineplex, and we invite you to stay and talk with us or others about the film you just experienced. You don’t have to use your car for post-movie discussion anymore! We also will routinely host non-profit fundraisers, Q and A sessions with filmmakers, movie trivia nights, as well as other special events to spark these conversations.




Flowing from these conversations, we have created a vibrant and accepting film community in Rochester. It’s easy to join: just show up for a film! To get more involved, become a member of the Flying V Club, and check out more movies and events. Join our mailing list and follow us on social media. If you love movies, or love our local community, or want to learn more about film, (or maybe all three!), this is the place to be. 

Andy Smith


Andy’s love of cinema can be traced back to his formative years growing up in the Los Angeles area. He was brought to the snowy North by his beautiful and talented wife Anna, a Minnesota native. When not watching movies, Andy enjoys watching/playing soccer, board games, reading, and listening to too many podcasts. His favorite film is Lord of the Rings, and yes, he means the extended editions.